Forceteq® basic

Forceteq® basic: Current based with self calibrated motor

The Forceteq® basic measurement technology is completely integrated in the XENAX® Xvi servo controller. This allows force-monitored control of all Jenny Science linear and rotary motor axes. The force is measured during the production process using the patented Forceteq® force measurement technology, without an external force sensor. This allows you to acquire and record quality-relevant force-distance diagrams for all movements. Assembly operations can be monitored “in process”. Errors and discrepancies are detected immediately. This means better quality and higher throughput. Additional checking stations are no longer necessary.

  • for Standalone Operation
  • Up to 10 force sectors programmable with WebMotion®
Forceteq® basic force measurement technology without external strain gauge load cell
Forceteq® basic: Current based with self calibrated motor
Forceteq® basic: current-based with self-calibrating motor

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Brochure Forceteq® Signateq®.pdf (PDF)
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