Round table rt

The direct drive is an ironless torque motor without cogging forces. The high resolution measuring encoder is integrated and has a zero-pulse per rotation for the reference. The RT hollow shaft motors can be directly controlled with a XENAX® Xvi servo controller.

One motor connecting cable and one cable fan out (encoder and hall cable) of each 3.0m is included as a standard, mounted with a 3 pole Wago 3.5mm and 15 pole HD connector.

Type Resolution
n-max@48V DC [rpm] Flange,
Hollow shaft
Art. No.
RT-120-25H80 229'440 1.8 / 6.5 955 120 x 80 mm /
Ø 25 mm
RT-120-37H37 314'720 0.6 / 2.1 400 120 x 37 mm /
Ø 37 mm


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