These new, electric linear motor slides ELAX® Ex from Jenny Science are predestined for fast and precise pick and place units! Furthermore, the programmable force control processes open new application possibilities in handling, assembly and inspection. With these features the ELAX® linear motor slide also convinced the jury of the chamber of commerce and won the Swiss Innovation Award 2015! Moreover these components are extremely robust and sustainable. In our endurance tests they achieve over 350 million cycles under maximal stress and highest dynamics without re-lubrication or maintenance.

Your immediate Benefits Your Benefits in the long run
New applications thanks to force processes Maintenance-free for > 350 million cycles
Flexible positioning Constantly stable accuracy
High dynamics, up to 3 m/s (9.84 fps) High cycle rates
High precision +/- 10 µm, resolution 1 µm No exchange of dampers
No noise, little vibrations No replacement of sensor cables
Single cable connections Savings in time and maintenance
modular system with strokes of 30-150 mm Less energy consumption


Modular system of linear slides ELAX® Ex with direct screw fitting
Modular system linear motor slides with direct screw fitting

Perfect modular construction system – A determining key factor in the development of the ELAX® linear motor slides with direct drive. No matter if held flat, upright, as cross table or as linear cantilever, the ELAX® Ex linear slides can be directly screwed together by dowel bushings without the need of adapter plates. The hole matrix always has a grid of 20 x 50mm (0.79" x 1.97").

Elax Ex linear motor slides

Electric slide