Linear motor Stage, rotary Stage and servo controller

In engineering applications, linear motion is a critical requirement that necessitates the integration of precise and reliable linear stages, linear motors, and rotary stages. However, engineers often encounter challenges in finding suitable spindles, guiding systems, measurement systems, and controllers, leading to significant efforts in construction, installation, and setup. This often results in unsatisfactory outcomes, including delays, ambiguities regarding responsibility and, in the worst-case scenario, the need for subsequent improvements at the customer's site. To mitigate such risks, Jenny Science offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven and standardized drive components for precise motion, including linear motor stages, rotary stages, servo controller and all available from a single source.

XENAX® servo controller

XENAX® servo controller
Simple web-based control

pro: With load cell basic: Without load cell
Force control

Completely integrated linear motor stage with servo controller

LINAX® linear motor axis

LINAX® linear motors
Compact linear motor stages

ELAX® electric slide

ELAX® electric slide
Predestined for fast, precise positioning tasks with direct drive linear stages

ROTAX® rotary motor axis

ROTAX® rotary

For a precise angle rotation with 64'000 inc.