XENAX® xvi 48v8                  Servo Controller

With the XENAX® Xvi 48V8 Ethernet servo controllers of Jenny Science, you can control all series of LINAX® linear motor axes, ELAX® electric slides and ROTAX® rotary motor axes. It is also possible to control servo motors series RAxx (ultra-compact rotary axes) and RT-xx (round table with hollow shaft). Customary rotary AC/DC/EC servo motors for example from FAULHABER® or MAXON® can also be operated by the XENAX® Xvi 48V8.

With an ethernet switch, you can instantly combine several axes for multi-axes operation. As a standard, 4 digital Inputs and 2 digital Outputs are available to connect sensors, valves and/or superior PLC’s. The firmware can handle up to 64 programs, 50 positioning points and 5 individual trajectory profiles.

The typical power supply voltage is 24V DC. With the larger linear motor axes Lxs/Lxu F60 or Lxc/Lxe F40 and for higher speed, a 48V DC voltage is recommended. In this configuration speeds of >1.5m/s up to 4m/s are possible.

Power Requirements (depending on payload and dynamics):

  • Single Axis = 3-5 A
  • Two Axis = 5-7 A
  • Three Axis = 7-10 A
  • Five Axis = 12-15 A

Technical Data XENAX® Xvi 48V8

Input terminal voltage U: 12-48 VDC
Nominal current In: 0-8 A
Peak current Ip: 18 A
Motor types: ELAX® linear, AC, DC, EC rotativ
LINAX® optional with licence
Temperature monitoring output stage: Shutdown at 80°C
Excess voltage: > 60 V
Under voltage: < 10 V
PLC Input: 4 x 24 V
PLC Input BCD:
PLC Output: 2 x 24 V, Source 300 mA
Force functionalities Optional with license code

Bus modules:

EtherCAT (CoE), POWERLINK (CoP), CANopen, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET (PROFIdrive)