Linax® linear motor STAGES

One of the primary targets for the development of LINAX® linear motor stages is the minimum space requirement and less weight. In this way you can build your machines lighter, more compact and with higher efficiency.

Profit from the modular system of Jenny Science linear motor stages and reduce your development cycle. The LINAX® series are optimally tuned to one another with strokes of 44-1600mm and travel forces of 8-300N. From a single axis through fast pick & place handling up to portal gantry systems, the components are directly screwin via centering pins. These flexible and sophisticated construction possibilities are absolutely unique on the market. Additionally we offer you the suitable XENAX® servocontroller with Ethernet link to the established real-time Ethernet protocols. Thereby the time for both construction as well as for software development is reduced.

Linax® Lxc linearstages compactmotor


Lxc = compact

Linax® Lxu linearstages universal


Lxu = universal

Linax® Lxs F60 linearstages shuttle

LINAX® Lxs F60

Lxs = shuttle

Linax® Lxs F120 linearstages shuttle

LINAX®  Lxs F120

Lxs = shuttle

Linax® Lxe linearstage exclusive


Lxe = exclusive