Ambitious, powerful, quality conscious

Our family company is made up of staff members who are dedicated to exceptional performance and quality. With fascination and passion they are motivated daily to do their best for themselves, their colleagues, customers, suppliers and authorities.

What makes this possible?

We believe such a positive attitude is cultivated when our staff sense a fundamental trust, enabling them to develop themselves as freely as possible in an unregulated environment. They feel at ease, enjoying respect and being an important part of the big picture. This is especially evident when not all things are running smoothly. Conflicts are resolved openly and errors are corrected unbureaucratically and objectively.

The task of preserving and defending these conditions is the overriding priority of our family company. At the same time, our focus is on the personal and professional development of our staff, which translates directly to the future success of the company. This will make it possible to win ambitious personalities in the future as well.

Our conduct towards clients, business partners and authorities is based on the key ethical principles of fairness, responsibility, respect and absolute honesty. This is how successful, long-term business relationships can be built and maintained.

We develop, produce and sell products that meet the high demands of our globally active customers. Our market niche of industrial automation requires: leading innovations, perfect technology, compact design, simplest implementation and above all, outstanding quality. On a daily basis, this ultimately manifests itself in precise, Swiss top-level craftsmanship. In the process, improvements are constantly being recognized and implemented. Although these do not always trigger enthusiasm, this discipline is definitely worthwhile. Strategically, we remain focused on high quality products whose benefits enable our customers to achieve a competitive advantage. As a growing company, we have the advantage that a huge market potential still lies fallow.

It is important to make good use of this unique initial position, this being facilitated by attaining and maintaining market leadership in a niche. A genuine challenge that we will do justice to.

Jenny Science, 2018