XENAX® Servo controller

With the web browser (such as Firefox®, Chrome®, Edge®), the user navigates through the parameterization menu. The integrated web server in the XENAX® Ethernet servo controller from Jenny Science contains the HTML5 GUI WebMotion®. Never before has the set-up of a servo controller been easier! Already knew? In our video overview you will find practical and user-oriented recommendations, for example for TCP/IP connection, set-ups or programming.

XENAX® servo controller Xvi 75V8 with Safety Motion Unit (SMU)

In order to use the TÜV certified functional safety, a XENAX® servo controller Xvi 75V8S with optional integrated Safety Motion Unit (SMU) is needed. Functional Safety with SMU can be used for all LINAX®, ELAX®, ROTAX® linear motor types and for rotary brushless motors.

SMU - Safety Motion Unit

STO - Safe Torque off
Stop-Category 0, XENAX® standard feature, immediate shutdown of power stage, logic input

SS1 - Safe Stop 1
Stop-category 1, XENAX® standard feature, defined braking of the axis to a standstill. At standstill, immediate shutdown of power stage as in STO, or shutdown of the power stage by hardware via Input 9, single-channel.

SS2 - Safe Stop 2
Stop-category 2, XENAX® with SMU module (optional), defined braking of the axis to a standstill, then safe operational stop SOS under holding force with position monitoring, dual-channel.

SLS – Safely Limited Speed
SLS, XENAX® with SMU module (optional), motion with limited speed, monitoring of speed, dual-channel.

XENAX® Xvi Busmodule

The respective bus modules are directly connected over a fast parallel data and address bus to the XENAX® Xvi servo controller.

  • Beckhoff
  • B&R
  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley, Rockwell
  • Omron
  • Schneider Electrics etc.
EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, CANopen
Patented "Force Calibration" for the force processes “Force Limitation”, “Force Control”, “Force Monitoring”
Webserver for set-up with web browser
Position controller with S-curve profile generator
Digital input and output with 24V source driver
Fully programmable for stand-alone handling operations
with Master Slave function up to 4 axes
Separate logic power (24V), output stage (24V-75V)
Functional safety, TÜV certified (optional)
UL certified, optional