rotax® Rxhq 50                          rotary motor axis

Rxhq = high torque
The new, self-developed miniature hollow shaft servo motor ROTAX® Rxhq (high torque) impresses with its extremely compact design of 50 x 50 x 55mm / 1.96 x 1.96 x 2.16″. Direct drive motor, precise bearings and the single turn absolute encoder are completely integrated.

The direct drive servo motor is based on the magnetic flux technology of wind turbine generators. This generates a high torque at low speed. In figures this means a factor 2-3 higher torque with the same construction volume compared to a conventional direct drive of competitors.

The large hollow shaft with a diameter of 12mm / 0.47″ offers generous space for cables, vacuum or compressed air lines, light and laser beams, glass fibres and other media. Another advantage in this context is the short overall length of only 55mm incl. built-in encoder. The connection cable consists of only one cable and offers advantages in the space required for cable installation. Thanks to the precise, precompressed double bearing on the front flange, the drive achieves high rigidity with high axial torque capacity.

Ultra compact design and extra large hollow shaft
ROTAX® Position Accuracy  
Rxhq Unidirect. Biddirect.
  +/- 7arc-sec +/- 11arc-sec


ROTAX® Endcoder absolute [inc/rev] Vmax 24V (rpm) Vmax 48V (rpm) Wiring Torque Mn/Mp [mNm] (Ibf in)
Rxhq 50-12T0.3 120000 1200 2400 One cable connection 0.3/1.02 (2.66/9.03)


ROTAX® Length [mm] (in)

Dimensions W x H [mm] (in)

Hollow shaft opening [mm] (in) Weight Total
[g] (Ibs)
Rxhq 50-12T0.3 50 (1.97) 50 x 55 (1.97 x 2.17) 12 (0.47) 440 (0.97)



Download files for ROTAX® Rxhq 50-12T0.3