New paths are created by going down them. The innovative performance of this completely new developed linear motor stage is an unprecedented packing density by integration of servo controller, wiring and cable drag. This new benchmark in miniaturization allows designers to build their machines and automated systems smaller and more space-saving. Compared to conventional timing belts and spindle drives, this direct linear motor driven stage is more precise, faster and quieter.

The axis includes Ethernet bus coupling with various protocols and connects directly to the PLC. Together with the PLCopen libraries, the axis can now be easily moved in Cyclic synchronised mode or Profile position mode.

With the connection to the 12V DC supply the axis is immediately ready for operation.

The absolute measuring system allows an immediate start without prior referencing.


Specific advantages, USP's

Completely integrated linear motor axis INTAX® Tx

  • Servo controller integrated
  • Linear Motor cabling integrated
  • Cable chain integrated

Only two connections

  • Ethernet Bus with various protocol stacks
  • 12 - 36V DC power supply
The world's first linear motor stage with integrated servo controller and Ethernet bus

Technical data

INTAX®  Force Fn/Fp (N) Encoder absolute Dimensions Carriage W x H  [mm] (in) Weight Carriage [g] Repetition Accuracy
Tx  8/24
1μm abs. 60 x 39 (2.36 x 1.54) 170

+/- 2μm


INTAX® Stroke
[mm] (in)
L Install.
[mm] (in)
Weight total
[g] (lbs)
Art. No.
Tx 50F08 50 (1.97) 149 (5.87) 425 (0.94) 125.00.00
Tx 100F08 100 (3.94) 201 (7.91) 550 (1.21) 125.01.00
Tx 200F08 200 (7.87) 299 (11.77) 800 (1.76) 125.02.00
Tx 400F08 400 (15.75) 500 (19.69) 1'300 (2.87) 125.03.00
Tx 600F08 600 (23.62) 701 (27.56) 1'800 (3.97) 125.04.00


Ethernet Busankopplung


Ethernet Busmodul